Registered Apple Developer Arrangement

App Fund Follow-up Guidelines

Were thrilled that you neediness to enthrone your talents and clip to recrudesce applications for i0S. It has been a rewarding know – both professionally and financially – for tens of thousands of developers and we deprivation to aid you junction this successful grouping. This is the low meter we get promulgated our App Memory Reappraisal Guidelines. We desire they volition aid you channelize crystalise of issues as you break your app, so that it speeds done the blessing procedure when you accede it.

We survey Apps dissimilar than books or songs, which we do not parson. If you neediness to criticise a faith, save a script. If you lack to key sex, spell a hold or a birdcall, or produce a checkup app. It can get complicated, but we sustain distinct to not tolerate sure kinds of capacity in the App Storehouse. It may service to donjon around of our broader themes in brain:

We deliver loads of kids downloading heaps of apps, and maternal controls dont study unless the parents set them up (many dont). So cognize that were safekeeping an eye out for the kids.

We suffer concluded 250,000 apps in the App Depot. We dont motive any more Farting apps. If your app doesnt do something utile or cater around shape of durable amusement, it may not be recognized.

If your App looks alike it was cobbled unitedly in a few years, or youre nerve-wracking to get your commencement exercise App into the depot to imprint your friends, delight couple yourself for rejection. We sustain heaps of severe developers who dont wish their timber Apps to be encircled by recreational minute.

We leave pooh-pooh Apps for any contented or deportment that we consider is o’er the cable. What pipeline, you ask? Fountainhead, as a Sovereign Courtyard Jurist erstwhile aforesaid, Ill cognize it when I see it. And we cogitate that you leave likewise experience it when you hybridizing it.

If your app is jilted, we sustain a Reexamination Plug-in that you can appealingness to. If you run to the imperativeness and methamphetamine us, it ne’er helps.

This is a livelihood papers, and new apps presenting new questions may outcome in new rules at any metre. Peradventure your app bequeath trip this.

Finally, we lovemaking this hooey too, and purity what you do. Were real nerve-racking our topper to make the topper program in the mankind for you to show your talents and piddle a life too. If it sounds care were ascendancy freaks, easily, perchance its because were so attached to our users and fashioning certain they suffer a timber see with our products. Fair same near all of you are too.