Application Review

Application Review

We produce deciding on Notre Dame as straightforward as you can.

We encourage you to apply online by going to the Normal Request site. It’s simple, swift, and protected.

The Common App can be an – application. Letters of endorsement and transcripts can still be delivered to finish your app following the application is published digitally. You will have the capacity to print-preview the application form, but please don’t send the printpreview . We suggest publishing a duplicate of your completed software to retain to your files.

The Notre Dame Writing Product: we should meet with the you that are true.

You should distribute the Notre Dame Writing Product along with the Most Popular Application’s First Year Program; this kind is available to authorized people of the Normal Request and must be completed online. The Writing Supplement is submitted separately following the app.

The Writing Product for Firstyear candidates seeking Slide 2016 registration will include the next directions:

Once we find to learn more about you, Notre Dame team will study your essays. Idea: Use particular cases, anecdotes’anything that helps distinguish you.

Please give a reply between 150 and 200 phrases to the following problem (required).

About attending Notre Dame what excites you?

Please select two of the next five prompts and offer an answer between 200 and 150 words to each.

Rev. M. Hesburgh. President Emeritus of Notre Dame’s College, offered like a reliable advisor to popes and U.S. presidents. A champ for human rights, Fr. Hesburgh was one of the architects of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed discrimination according to foundation, color, faith, intercourse, or contest. Think on civil rights’ present state, perhaps the troubles today, however being faced, or the advance that’s been built.

What problem fascinates you? Tell us why.

What’s cracked, and the way would it be fixed by you?

The founder of the Congregation of Cross, gifted Moreau, defined knowledge as ‘the art of aiding young adults to completeness.’ How are you currently partial?

Identify a current Facebook post text, Instagram photography, Snap post, or post of yours. What does it expose about you as well as your footprint that is electronic?

Remember: you’re on the contract.

Distribute the web model of the Common Application’s Firstyear Program and also the Notre Dame Writing Supplement no later than December 1 for Limited Early Action or January 1 for Frequent Decision. We will not evaluate your request (e.g. transcripts, teacher opinions, etc.) until we get both of these files and the expected cost or even the confirmed payment waiver.